Stockyfly Algo Weekly Digest (10th to 14th Jun 2024)



Option trading is always considered as a high risk option and yes it is. It always involves a high amount of risk, leading the capital to be exhausted easily. The major reason involves emotion and a non-systematic approach to trading. Most traders search for a foolproof strategy, but in reality, the market is structured in a way that makes it difficult for short-term gainers to earn a profit. However, there is always a chance of making profit if trading can be done systematically and without any emotion involved. For example, risking 2% of capital per trade is often considered as the best trading practice while dealing with derivatives. Also, there are many good articles available on the internet on proper trade management, risk management and capital management. Understanding derivatives can be time-consuming. At first, they may seem simple, but they are actually quite complex. Nowadays, platforms play a significant role in trading because they allow for emotionless transactions.

Stockyfly Algo Weekly Update

This week 10th to 14th Jun was a drop in profit of the month, probably due to close SLs. Markets remained sideways, especially in the last 2 trading days. The 2nd week has invited more brokerage due to multiple trades with very close SLs. Anyway, two more weeks ahead and we are expecting the market to be trendy and create some good opportunities.

Case Study:

Lot size 10-14-19

Lot size 2-3

Profit or loss display in above image are being captured by the system from the real trading account. It signifies consistently adhering to a fixed risk sizing strategy. Traders can customize their trading settings, such as lot size and trading frequency, in the Algo Configuration section of the application. Looking forward to the upcoming weeks of this month.

Important: No performance report can guarantee a certain profit on any Algo platform. Algo platform should not be considered as a quick mechanism to make money overnight. There is a possibility of consecutive stop losses being hit, eventually causing a notable loss. Option trading is subjected to high risk which may exhaust all capital.

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