Privacy Policy

Data Privacy:

All data provided by the user in the website are secured with us and in no possible ways the provided data are being shared with other users or any 3rd party.

Payment Gateway:

We donot store credit card information like cedit card number, CCV, etc in our database. We are currently using Razor Pay as our payment gateway. Any payment processing is through Razor Pay only and in no way, we capture any sensitive information like Card Details, PIN, etc in our database.

SSL Compliance:

This website is secured by SSL. Data coming into to the website are encrypted through SSL.

Other Privacy:

We only keep email ids & contact numbers along with name in our database to serve the customers properly. We donot keep other information like Cast, Gender, etc.


We are not using Cookie as of now to store any data in client's browser. May be infuture in reference to faster the website, cookie may be used. For now, no cookie is used to store user's data.

Policy Change:

ANy change in policy will be udated in this page & will be available to all websites visitors.

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