Terms & Conditions

Service availability:

Service provider will provide services like further improvization of the product, fix any bug on new modules, providing support to customers, etc. Service is solely available to the Customers who have paid only. The service is neither sharable not transferable.

Switching Service Modules:

Any purchased module can not be switched with another module. Once the expiration time will reach, the ownership of the customer from the purchased product module will be revoked.

Scan Service & Time:

Importing data from exchange usually completes before 7.00 PM on trading days. Hence, user can scan only after 7.00 PM on trading days (recommended).

Data Privacy:

Data of customers are remain secured with us. Neither the customers data is going to be shared with any other party in any manner.

Payment Details Security:

We donot keep any customer's payment source data like Credit Card Number, Debit Card Number, Bank Account Details with us. We are using Razor Pay for payment process.

Payment Refund Policy:

Any amount paid, is not refundable at any cirumstances at any point of time.


We provide free training & related support on all modules of STOCKYFLY. Users can allocate free training on weekends by contacting our support team.

Data Accuracy:

Data are imported from exchange (daily candles) using Zerodha's Z-Connect API. Delivery data, Bulk deals & Block deals imported every day from NSE Official website. We donot guarantee 100% data accuracy as data are imported manually & automatic mode both.

Strategy Accuracy:

We combine both Price action with Delivery & Volume to get proper Pre-Breakout & Just Break Out Strategies. All strategies are well back-tested with accuracy level more than 90%. Still, consider advise from your financial advisor before taking any trade. Trading & Investment in stock market is subjected to high risk.

Change in Terms & Conditions:

We reserve complete rights to change Terms & Conditions for using the product at any point of time with or without any prior notification.

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