Best Free Tools available in Stockyfly for Traders and Investors

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Best Free Tools available in Stockyfly

Stockyfly is the first-ever Web-Driven Trading Bot (WDTB) in India, featuring an innovative First Loss Cut (FLC) mechanism. This cutting-edge platform offers fully automated trading, ensuring a stress-free experience for users. With its remarkable accuracy and the flexibility to use affordable fund sizes, Stockyfly empowers traders like never before.

Forget about the hassle of installing additional software on your system or desktop. Stockyfly is a user-friendly platform that can be accessed directly from your web browser. Additionally, it provides a test/demo account, allowing you to explore and experience its capabilities firsthand. Take advantage of the 4-day trial period to witness the incredible functionality of this remarkable trading bot.

Revolutionize your trading experience with Stockyfly – your gateway to automated, accurate, and effortless trading.

Free Tools

First, you need to visit the website and then click on Tools/Strategies. After that, you will be able to see the free tools.

Stockyfly offers a total of six free tools,

  • Positional Assistance
  • One Page Analysis
  • Delivery Pulse
  • Sector Sentiment
  • Bult & Block Deals
  • Basic Candlestick Scanner

1.Positional Assistance

If you are already in a trade and now confused to whether book the profit or not. What should be your Target & Stoploss ? Then this Free Tool called Position Assistance can help you.

About Position Assistance;

  • Enter Stock Name & Your Buying Price
  • It will give you Target & Stoploss
  • If in Profit, it will assist you with Trailing Stoploss and Extended Targets
  • Holding Score is also available

Holding score indicates a score including all technical factors if any stock is planned to be bought at CMP (Current Market Price).

2.One Page Analysis

From dashboard or watchlist click on the stock name, you will get one pager analysis of the stock. It will help you to understand what exactly going on in the stock. It includes;

  • Trend Details of the stock
  • Volume Details inside the stock
  • Delivery & Price Details
  • Bulk Deals if happening in the stock

3.Delivery Pulse

It is a Free & Handy tool to analyse delivery data. Two options are available. Either you can onalyze all deliveries data dte wise or for a particular stock. It includes;

  • Delivery % for a stock
  • Date of Delivery
  • Delivery Quantity
  • It shows the growing interest on a stock over a period of time

4.Sector Sentiment

It is a Free & Handy tool to check which sector is in up trend and down trend. Picking stocks from right sector is a good approach. The easy way to find sectors in good trend in one page is Sector Sentiment tool.

5.Bult & Block Deals

It is a Free & Handy tool to check in which stock Bulk & Block deals are going on consistently. These deals indicates interest of big institutions interest on a particular stock. You can check the deals Date wise & Stock Wise.

6.Basic Candlestick Scanner

It is a Free & Handy tool to check which stock daily candle have made a particular pattern like Shooting Star or Hanging Man, etc. Currently following basic patterns were provided on daily time frame basis;

  • Shooting Star
  • Hanging Man
  • Bullish Piercing
  • Shooting Star Like

Quick Analysis

Stockyfly offers a feature for users to conduct stock analysis.


Go to In the Stockyfly dashboard, you will find an option as shown above.


You can type in the name of any stock and click on the “Analyze this Stock” button to view its details. For example, you can enter the stock name “TATA POWER” to see the specific information about that stock.

Here is the displayed information.

In this way, you can thoroughly analyze the stock details for your future reference.