Best Premium Tools available in Stockyfly for Traders and Investors

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Stockyfly is the first Web-Driven Trading Bot (WDTB) in India. It has a unique First Loss Cut (FLC) feature. This platform provides fully automated trading, making it stress-free for users. Stockyfly has high accuracy and allows the use of small funds, empowering traders.

Stockyfly is a convenient trading platform that you can access directly from your web browser. You don’t need to install any extra software on your system or desktop. It offers a test/demo account, so you can try it out and see what it can do. You can also take advantage of a 4-day trial period to experience the bot’s amazing functionality. Try Stockyfly for automated and accurate trading.

Premium Tools available in Stockyfly

First, you need to visit the website and then click on Tools/Strategies. After that, you will be able to see the premium tools.

Stockyfly provides a comprehensive set of four premium tools.

  • Chanakya Strategy
  • Bullish Momento
  • Swing Strategy
  • Pre-Breakout Genie

1.Chanakya Strategy

More Trendy, More Bullish

The strategy you’re using sounds very effective in identifying stocks that are consistently giving breakout after breakout, particularly those with high volume and delivery. It seems to provide comprehensive scan results with entry price, target, and stoploss, making it easier for you to make informed trading decisions.

2.Bullish Momento

Bullish Momento Strategy scans stocks for you which gave breakout today after a specific days of consolidation. Usually these breakouts have potential momentum, that any trader will like to chase. This strategy is available with two variations. One is preconfigured and second one is user can change the scan parameters.

3.Swing Strategy

Upswing is created when any stock fail to break any support. After few days of consolidation up-swing created with good volume and momentum. Using Swing Strategy, you can find the stocks which are about to give swing or already in swing. Paraters can be customized. Many experts believe, more the consolidation ….. more will be the momentum on/after breakout.

4.Pre-Breakout Genie

Pre-Breakout Genie is a powerful strategy which helps users to find stocks before the breakout will happen. Many factors to be considered manually to find whether the breakout will happen or not. Genie Strategy is incorporated with such technical to help you find stocks before breakout. The parameters can be customized based upon user’s requirement.