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India's first WDTB (Web Driven Trading Bot) with FLC (First Loss Cut) mechanism

. Features:
  • Fully automated Trading
  • Automated Order Placing, Automated Target & Stoploss
  • Good Risk:Reward ratio
  • Free Trial Period with Demo account to check Trade results
  • Facility to switch-on/switch-off auto-trading at any time
  • Facility to manage quantity per trade, Trade frequency (number of trades per day)
  • No additional softwares required to install in Desktop, Laptop and/or Mobile
  • Affordable: Traders with minimal fund size can use it
  • VIX assistive indicator

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Unique Tools & Strategies

Smart Tools

Strategies that make sense.

Stockyfly comprises of powerful tools & strategies under one platform. Very unique nature of analysis using price action, volume, delivery & Operator's (Institutions) Interest areas.

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We are here to help you with

Finding stocks for amazing wealth growth using Swing Trades, Breakout Trades, Identify Potentional Breakout Regions before Breakout will happen, Potential Multi-Baggers . Be at Winning Side, say Yes to consistent profit never made before.



Catch Stocks before breakout will happen & it will come to news. Be the 1st Buyer.



Momentum Lover ? Get recent breakouts easily at one click, custom scan is also available.



Catch stocks resy to swing and already in swing with Targets & Stoploss.

Why Stockyfly

Intelligent Analysis

Find potentional stocks which matters. Unique inbuilt features are;

  • Inbuilt Volume Profiler
  • Low/High Touches & Bounce Measurement
  • Delivery Parameter with all major scans
  • Get Targets & Stoploss with all results
  • Highly accurate & time saving
  • Circuit Hitters
  • Re-Filtered by Master Traders

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A super cool combination of price action, delivery and volume at one place. Usually priceaction is being neglected in many platforms. Pre-Break out Genie, I love the most.

Sashank - Swing Trader

Tried almost all softwares and finally now using stockyfly only to select stocks to trade. 360 degree coverage on stocks. Equity analysis means stockyfly. My best wishes.

Jagat Pratap - Swing Trader

I am a swing trader and also one premium group at stockyfly from last 2 years. Best service, 100% satisfaction. Training programs are very good.

Roshan - Swing Trader

Analysis is now more easy with stockyfly to find stocks for next day. First time, I could see delivery with each stock in the watchlist. Strategies are awesome. Best of luck.

Madhumita - F&O Trader

All strategies are very useful. Even one free tool "Position Assistance" which helps the traders to find their Targets & Stoploss. Nice features and easy to use.

Rupesh - F&O Trader

Really superb work and logics are well crafted to find swings & breakouts. Very prompt support. My strong recommendation for Equity Traders to start using Stockyfly.

Marilyn Monroe - Front-End Developer