Algo Trading

Automated Trading Platform

India's first WDTB (Web Driven Trading Bot) with FLC (First Loss Cut) mechanism

. You do not need to download and install any application in your mobile/desktop/laptop, etc.


  • Fully automated Trading
  • Automated Order Placing, Automated Target & Stoploss through GTT
  • Good Risk:Reward ratio on every trade
  • Facility to switch-on/switch-off auto-trading at any time
  • Facility to manage quantity per trade, Trade frequency (number of trades per day)
  • No additional softwares required to install in Desktop, Laptop and/or Mobile
  • Affordable: Traders with minimal fund size can use it
  • Active support: Our support team actively helps setting-up your account with us and resolve any query faster
  • VIX assistive indicator
  • Click here to download December Month Performance Sheet
  • Click here to download Back Testing data Monthly basis, we update the Back testing report here.

Algo Trading


  • Emotionless & stress free trading
  • Auto selection of Strike Price by the program
  • Test/Demo account comes with 4 days trial, to check how it works
  • Best Risk & Trade Management
  • Constant monitoring not required. Saves your time & keep you stress free.
  • Easier and faster mechanism
  • Helps you staying away from market fear/greed

What it is not

Algo platform should not be considered as;

  • A quick mechanism to make money over night
  • No guarantee over fixed profit at any period of time
  • Consecutive Stoploss may hit which may result significant loss
  • Option trading is subjected to high risk which may exhaust all capital
Please refer Disclaimer/Terms and Conditions


We offer affordable pricing to use our algo platform. Discounts available for existing customers, renewals & other few situations. Charges are calculated based upon fund size. Starts from Fund Size Slab- 1L-2L.

Algo Reseller

If you are a reseller or you want to Setup our algo platform with your brand name to serve your customers, can contact our support team. We will setup complete platform with your brand name along with dedicated server and other required technical needs at reasonable price.

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