Yes, you can easily use it. Also, Stockyfly is for both Beginners and Experts. For any assistance, our support team is always at your back to guide you.

To save time. Yes, you heard it right. It saves your time reading charts of all stocks, analysing volume & delivery data, keeping track of Bulk & Block deals. You can find everything at this platform with customizable scan parameters.

For promotional purpose, you can grab all at affordable price for 1 year. You can renew with the same price next year.

Note: Prices will change once the promotional offer expires. New Traders can buy with the new price at that time. We do not have monthly service plans available right now. Click here to visit Pricing page.

Yes. This auto-trading feature is now only available for ZERODHA users. Click here to visit Pricing page.

Option analysis, commodity & Currency stuffs will be incoporated soon in Stockyfly. Currently Stockyfly is serving Bullish side strategies only.